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The Coached Experience

You just walked in to a 21,000 square-foot building with the sounds of roller derby wheels screeching as the players maneuver around the rink jockeying for position.  Or maybe it's the slam of the hockey puck into the glass from the inline hockey teams as a shot on goal travels a bit wide.  Whether it's the sounds of volleyball coaches encouraging their players to cover a whole in the court or the site of our junior roller derby kids from 5-17 decked out head to toe with their derby name like: "Smushroom" aside their helmet... You will quickly realize you are somewhere special.

We are an athletic training center.  This approach is exactly how we are building our gym experience. 

Many of our members get great results from doing their own programs but here many other members decide to follow our designed plans.  I mean why not take the pressure off you of having to decide what the heck to do today. When everyday you will see a workout of the day posted on the TV in the functional training area.  52 weeks and 365 days a year you will have an optimally designed workout to attain your STRENGTH, MUSCLE GROWTH and FAT LOSS needs.  We have carefully crafted a fluid design of training that allows scale-ability if needs or increased intensity where desired.

This Methodology we have trademarked GESS wrx. GROWTH, ENDURANCE, STRENGTH and SKILL at its foundation.  The daily format is simple understand.  Each day begins with a WARM-UP.  This warm-up is preparation for the work you are getting ready to do that day.  Your work that day will start with STRENGTH.  Something to improve your power with heavier loads.  Who doesn't want to feel stronger right?  Next work of the day is GROWTH.  Something to help you grow muscles to improve your metabolism, burn more fat and well just feel and look a little bit better.  The last work of the day is ENDURANCE.  Some for of metabolic conditioning that will push your heart rate and increase your cardiovascular capacity as well as your muscular capacity.  This work will be directly preparing you for the work you had already done days prior or getting ready to do in the days to come.  The SKILL is floating across all days and is designed specifically for the individual.  Maybe they need an increased vertical leap for volleyball their senior year or recovering from an injury and need increased flexibility.  Whatever it may be your skill is specific to you.

So every workout is tied to the one before and the one after.  But because the design is fluid you can pick up any-point in the program without missing a beat.   Most importantly with THE COACHED EXPERIENCE you will get a free membership to our custom application that you will log all your nutrition, keep track of your lifting history and measure with a coach those results so you do not miss the mark ever again.  

The GESS wrx's system at it's very core takes away your entire need to GUESS what workout you need to do daily to get the optimal results.  Let us do that for you.  I mean it is what we do :)

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The Garage Gym was built on results based training methods by people who have been to the other side and back.  We believe that it takes a village so the first words out of our mouth when you join our gym will be, "WELCOME TO THE FAMILY".  

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